777 Strike Chasing Features for a Big Win


I've never played the 777 Strike slot game on Spina Zonke or any other site, and there have been some requests for it. In this video I go through 380 spins to get that feature triggered, which fortunately paid out a nice big win!

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More about the 777 Strike Game

Developer Red Tiger rewinds the clock a few years for 777 Strike, a classically styled game full of fruit, lucky sevens, and old-school feels. If that sounds appealing, you may well feel like you're in '7th heaven', as Red Tiger puts it. If not, then 777 Strike comes across like a hundred other games out there. However, its main attraction, a three-level bonus round, progressing from free spins to Wins Spins to Wild Spins, is a neat inclusion. Making it all the way means decent wins may well be coming your way, though 777 Strike doesn’t exactly serve up life-changing sums of cash.

Red Tiger has officially classed 777 Strike as an 'Arcade' themed game, and it definitely has that ring to it. Its 5-reel, 3-row game grid uses white-backed tiles common in the gambling days of yore, while a mini table sits above it displaying a list of symbols and their values. A green wall sparkles in the background, patterned with crowns which are a common motif, popping up regularly in other places as well. A rhythmical track completes a scene sure to sharply divide players between those keen for a spin and others hard passing in about seven nanoseconds.

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